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At Freekin’ Rican, we pride ourselves on making great food with a Puerto Rican flair.

Puerto Rico is a melting pot and embraces the many cultures that exist on the island. Puerto Ricans are Americans, islanders, beach lovers, foodies, and so much more. Our food reflects that special blend that is visible in Puerto Rico’s people, music, food, and culture.

Our menu changes seasonally and our menu items are often untraditional, but each recipe will include a nod to the Puerto Rican cuisine that inspires us. 

Nos vemos pronto!

A sampling of our menu items

Pernil y Pollo de la Isla – Puerto Rican Roast Pork and Island-Style Chicken

Our pork and chicken are marinated in garlic, citric juices, and island herbs then slow roasted to perfection. At Freekin’ Rican, we serve pernil and pollo either as a sandwich on our ciabatta rolls with our secret sauces or as a plated meal over a bed of Spanish rice with beans and plantains. 

Quesadilla Puertoriqueña

 This Mexican-Puerto Rican fusion dish is served with your choice of chicken or pork with our homemade Pico de Gallo and our Freekin’ Rican sauces on a warm flour tortilla. Our quesadillas can be modified to be vegetarian. 

Freekin’ Rican Nachos

 Did you know that there are so many Puerto Ricans living in New York City that we can claim our own subculture there? Our unique nachos are a nod to that special Newyorrican culture. Pico de gallo, your choice of pork or chicken, and our signature sauces on a bed of crispy french-fries. 


Flaky fried dough stuffed with seasoned beef, chicken, or vegetables, deep fried, and served with our signature sauces. Need we say more?

Freekin’ Rican Wings

 Our mango-habanero sauce was developed by Freekin Rican chef Jerome. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and heat to smother our wings.

Freekin’ Rican Burger

 The newest addition to the Freekin’ Rican family of food, our burger patties are handmade with angus beef and Puerto Rican chorizo. We serve it with locally-sourced tomato, cheese, bacon, and a grilled pineapple. We may be biased, but it’s our new favorite burger in Richmond!

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About Us

What makes Puerto Rican food special?

Puerto Rican food is the original fusion cuisine, combining the flavors of traditional Spanish, African, and native Taíno dishes.  Each item on our menu uniquely combines the savory, the sweet, and the simply delicious to take you to the Caribbean, if only for a little while.

Our Story

Live, laugh, and dance! That is the Puerto Rican culture in a nutshell and that is what Freekin' Rican offers. Join us at any one of our food carts and treat yourself to a classic Puerto Rican meal while enjoying our island sounds and hospitality.


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